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Resist the Cuts

Resist the Cuts

The scale and speed of the cuts to the voluntary sector is terrifying, and hurting society's most marginalised. Ill-conceived and rushed budget decisions have been made at every level, from local councils and authorities, to central government.

But anti-cuts campaigns are winning and funding decisions are being reversed. Make sure your workplace has a campaign in place. Together we can defend the voluntary sector, and all those who depend on it.

Here are three things you can do to resist funding cuts to your workplace, or to a local voluntary organisation:

Write To Your Local Newspaper or MP

Writing to your local MP is an effective way of raising awareness about your organisation’s work, and the dangers of deep cuts.

Use Equality Impact Assessments to Resist Cuts

It’s a legal requirement that local authorities perform an equality impact assessment before cutting funding to voluntary organisations. Due to the pressure being applied by the Coalition Government, lots of local authorities are rushing into making cuts, and not performing the necessary assessment first.

Meet With Your Local Councillors

Your local councillors are your representatives and will advocate on your behalf for your organisation.


The Cuts
The Cuts

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