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Legal Helpline and Services

Legal helpline

At Unite the union we recognise that one of the key reasons members join Unite is to benefit from the legal services we provide. We believe that the range and quality of the services we provide with the help of our solicitors is the best available to trade union members in the UK.

We aim to provide a full range of legal services; from seeking compensation for a personal injury or industrial wrong, to employment related advice and representation, to helping plan for the future by providing a Will writing service, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills, to assisting with the day to day issues that life throws up such as moving house.

We even offer a free 24 hour legal help line where members can receive a free half hour advice on any non-work related matter by telephoning our 24-hour helpline on 0800 709 007.

For more information about the range of services available can be found by clicking here.


What makes Unite Legal Services different? 

  • Services are provided by a panel of solicitors who have over 100 years’ experience working with unions 
  • 100% of the compensation awarded is paid to you
  • We use solicitors who understand your workplace
  • We use solicitors who have a close relationship with Unite and its activists
  • Personal injury claims are conducted at no cost to you
  • We can offer additional influence in your workplace in respect of health and safety matters

Click here for a list of all regional legal and affiliated services coordinator contacts


Unite legal services

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