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Reasons to Join Unite

As the largest union for the voluntary sector, Unite supports not for profit professionals so that they can provide the best possible work for their service users in a safe and productive work environment.

We're there for you during the many twists and turns of professional life, and are always looking for member input to constantly improve work practices, and society as a whole. Unite adds value. Your contribution matters. Your membership matters.

Why should you join Unite?

  1. Have a Collective Voice at Work
    Unite believes in working together to get a fair deal.
  2. Individual Support
    Our trained Reps offer the best representation and advice at work.
  3. Legal Support
    The Unite legal team is on call 24 hours a day to give all the back-up you need for work and non-work related matters.
We don't have a tradition of strong union organisation in our sector and members are very reluctant to take any action that would affect the care of residents. Due to the way we were being treated on a range of issues we launched a campaign that gave us a sense of our own collective strength. Recently, when the management attempted to impose the four years worth of Local Authority budget cuts directly onto the care workers by massively cutting their pay, the union intervened and the management have backed away from this approach - they now know we are a force to be reckoned with and we have won some major concessions. Management never used to listen us - they just imposed changes. That's all changed since we got organised and stuck together, with Unite there to back us up.
Richard, Employee at a London based social care organisation
The Cuts
The Cuts

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