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Reps are the backbone of Unite. It's mainly through their hard work that we protect employees rights at work, campaign for better working practices and support those in need of help. They're the bridge between employers and employees in workplaces and negotiate on important matters to make sure that everyone's voice is heard.

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Unite reps are entitled to time off from their full-time positions to undertake their work and will receive lots of support and training from the Union.

What does the role of a rep involve?

The role of a Unite Representative is an interesting and challenging one. You will learn more about how your organisation works at every level. Unite will provide you with the confidence, skills and knowledge to enable you to:

  • Recruit new members into the Union
  • Answer members’ queries
  • Negotiate and consult with management at all levels
  • Represent members in disciplinary situations
  • Represent members in grievance situations
  • Disseminate relevant information
  • Give you and your colleagues a voice in the union and your Organisation’s decision-making processes
  • Attend meetings to discuss workplace issues relevant to you and your colleagues
  • Become involved in other areas such as health and safety, equalities and life long learning

Have I got the time to become a rep?

Where the Union has a recognition agreement, Unite reps receive paid time off to perform union activities and for training.

Will becoming a rep affect my career?

The simple and only answer is no. It is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a trade union representative. Many local reps have gone on to use the skills they have gained as a rep to achieve promotions, become senior reps or gain employment within the trade union movement.

I wouldn’t know where to start....

Unite provides a comprehensive range of free training courses for reps and members. You can also apply for a union bursary to help with your education and explore pathways to union linked further and higher education programmes. The education department is committed to providing the very best service to reps and members based on the Unite three pillar strategy of: Organising, International Solidarity and Politics.

What a Workplace Rep says about her role:

“Many of the problems we solve are the result of misunderstandings, simple mistakes or personality clashes. One of the most satisfying things about being a union rep is the feeling of success you get when you have just solved someone’s problem”

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