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Youth Workers Lobby to protect their terms and conditions!

JANUARY 29, 2020

The Local Government Association (LGA) employers’ side has issued an open attack on the Youth and Community Workers profession with their intention to assimilate JNC Pink book pay, terms and conditions into the NJC Green book. Youth and Community workers will be lobbying the LGA on Thursday 3rd March.

Before Christmas a briefing WAS SENT to Unite members who are councillors in local authorities across England and Wales to support maintenance of the JNC Pink Book negotiating framework, pay, terms and condition which maintains a link to the professional qualification, occupational standards and quality outcomes for children and young people.

Earlier this month this briefing was sent to member of the Education & Training Standards (ETS) Committee hosted by the National Youth Agency (NYA). The ETS accredits and approves Youth and Community workers qualifications and maintains standards. The ETS agreed at their meeting of 12 January 2016, they would actively support maintenance of the JNC Pink Book because of the link to professional qualifications and they would write to the LGA to express their concerns regarding the employer’s side letter of 8 December.

On Monday 18 January at an emergency staff side meeting of the JNC, the staff side agreed to the following actions to defend the JNC:

· A Joint Letter from Staff side to Lead Councillors for Youth and Children services and Council Leaders, JNC employers, Candidates for Labour LGA Leadership,

· To request General Secretaries of staff side unions to support the campaign and make appropriate interventions.

· Letter from Staff side to TAG and Youth work course leaders

· To request the Wales ETS will write to support the JNC Pink Book

· To organise a Lobby of the LGA Executive

This Lobby will take place in London on  Thursday 3rd March from 12.45 outside Local Government House, Smith Square, SW1P 3HZ.

Please come along and support fellow CYWNfP members in their struggles to defend their national set of pay and conditions.

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