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Work Voice Pay - 3% for Friends of the Earth!

JANUARY 21, 2020

Workers at Friends of the Earth (FoE) are celebrating as their pay negotiations have resulted in a 3% increase on all staff basic salaries (including a 3% increase in London weighting) - all backdated to the 1 June 2017.


Aaron, Connor, Laura and Rose, Unite union Representatives at Friends of the Earth, have worked hard to negotiate a decent pay rise for their co- workers.

Getting a decent pay settlement is really important and the union reps at Friends of the Earth heard from their members about the impact of rising rents, personal debt, more expensive essentials and soaring childcare fees. With salaries being eroded by rising inflation.

They began this year’s pay campaign by identifying their main campaign focus as being the cost of living crisis, an issue being experienced by all workers and something that had caused real hardship following many years without a pay increase.

The Union reps team encouraged participation of employees through surveys and kept everyone up to date with the campaign plans. A concerted effort was made both prior and during the campaign to involve members and non-members and this both built membership and helped to strengthen the union’s hand in negotiations.

As Aaron, Connor, Laura and Rose have shown, the annual pay round provides a great opportunity to grow strength in the workplace through membership growth, and this strengthens Unite’s voice in the workplace. They hope that this 3% pay increase will help mitigate against the difficult times that members are experiencing.

Our research consistently proves that Unite negotiations secure better pay deals for working people and our reps are working hard to secure decent pay increases for members

Unite has put “Work, Voice, Pay” as the cornerstone of its industrial strategy.

At its core this pledge it focuses on:

  • Securing good jobs and decent work
  • Making sure workers have a strong and effective voice
  • Getting decent pay and conditions

As part of the Voice Work Pay programme Unite is providing an industrial toolkit to support all Unite shop stewards in pay bargaining.

It includes:

  • Work, Voice, Pay guides
  • Pay and Anniversary date data
  • And at a future date, Unite Agreements

These resources are designed to assist shop stewards and reps to campaign for better pay and conditions for Unite members. Start planning your campaign now!


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