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Unite National Women's Week

JANUARY 21, 2020

This key National Equalities Education event for Unite women is taking place on Sunday 18th - Friday 23rd November 2018 and will be held at the View Hotel in Eastbourne.  

This annual Equalities Education event is aimed at all women workplace reps/ shop stewards who have a legal right to attend union training, and for other women activists, for example branch officers, who can also attend. We believe it is crucial to be inclusive, representative and diverse to reflect the full variety of Unite women membership.

More information about the event can be found here, and a link to Unite's national education application form is here.

Once completed your application form needs to be sent to your Regional Education Organiser who will liaise with your Regional Women's Officer, and who will countersign it and forward it on to the National Education Department. All contact information is available on the leaflet.

This event has strong foundations and we want to continue to build on, move forward and take actions on its commitments so please book your place now.

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