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Unite in St Mungo's

JANUARY 21, 2020

Talks aimed at resolving a long running dispute between Unite and St Mungo's mediated by Acas have collapsed. 

It is deeply disappointing that St Mungo's senior management are determined to plough ahead with changes that threaten the very integrity of our members’ jobs and the service they provide to some of the country’s most vulnerable people. 

Unite will begin balloting members for strike action after not nearly enough progress was made on issues of grave concern for our members. (outlined below)

St Mungo’s isn’t listening:
  • It wants to rip up the six year old union-negotiated junior staffing cap agreement - a move that will lead to lower paid junior assistants replacing experienced project workers.
  • It’s sticking with a punitive sickness policy –a policy which effectively punishes staff for being sick.
  • It’s refusing to take action to curb the draconian use of discipline, despite Helen Gilles admitting there’s a problem.
  • It has cut annual leave for a significant number of members.
  • It’s refusing to provide employee lists to Unite for collective bargaining purposes.
  • It's refused to row back on docking the pay of employees attending union meetings.  

For a full briefing of all the issues still in dispute, please read the Unite in St Mungo's newsletter July 2019. For Unite's position on the junior staffing cap plans please read this bulletin


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