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JANUARY 29, 2020

While Chief Executives receive year on year inflation busting average pay increases housing sector staff are expected to work harder for less pay and reduced pension provision.

Despite the gross value of housing association properties now approaching £1.5 billion and the sector continuing to be financially healthy, housing associations often plead poverty to their workers, particularly when pay is being negotiated.

Unite is holding a conference for its housing members to develop a common advance pay claim that will help to build its campaign for better pay for Unite members working across the housing sector.

WHEN: 26 October 2018 TIME: 1100 - 1600
VENUE: Unite the union, 128 Theobalds Road, Holborn London WC1X 8TN

This conference is open to all Unite reps in the housing sector and will be a great opportunity to meet with other Housing association reps and work together to build a campaign for a decent pay rise.

If you are interested in attending then more information can be found on the flyer available here.


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