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Unite celebrates court victory as historic win for working people

JANUARY 29, 2020

The Supreme Court has quashed the government’s system of fees for employment tribunals following a four-year fight and is a victory for everyone in work .

Responding to the decision today by the Supreme Court that the government was wrong to raise employment tribunal fees, the leader of Unite, Len McCluskey said:

"This is an historic victory. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Conservative government was wrong to deny working people access to employment justice. The Tories’ decision to charge workers more than many earn in a month to be able to pursue an employment tribunal has been a gift to bad bosses.

“Unite has stood by our members and covered their tribunal costs ensuring that they can get a hearing but it was an appalling decision by the Tories to say that a worker's access to justice was dependent on the size of their wallet.

“We congratulate Unison on this victory today because this will now restore some balance to the workplace.

“However, workers will not forget that this case was only made necessary because the Tory-led government turned its back on workers. The Conservative government is, for sure, no friend of working people.”

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