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The Great Get Together - In memory of Jo Cox

JANUARY 21, 2020

The Great Get Together is a campaign of the Jo Cox Foundation in memory of Jo, who was killed on 16 June last year. Jo's family believe there is a groundswell of people who reject divisive politics and simply want to bring communities together and celebrate all that unites us. The Great Get Together is our chance to do just that.

The idea of the Great Get Together is that people get together with their neighbours to share food and celebrate all that they hold in common. It could be a street party or a shared barbecue, a picnic or a bake off. It could also be an event that raises money for good causes such as a local foodbank. What matters most is that everyone has fun and the event brings communities closer together.

More than one hundred organisations are now supporting the campaign and thousands of people have already signed up to hold events in their local communities. And it’s easy to take part!

Five simple steps

  • Decide when and where is best for you.
  • Get the invites out!
  • Get creative with gingham, it’s the campaign theme.
  • Enjoy! And share your photos on social media using #GreatGetTogether and #moreincommon.

There are lots of resources to help and you can sign up for a pack full of ideas and resources here.

Let's stand united and show "that we have far more in common than that which divides us".

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