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The government wants to make it cheaper to sack you!

JANUARY 21, 2020

The Tories' plan to cap public sector exit payments, such as redundancy schemes and early retirement. These changes are being pushed through in preparation for huge cuts to the public sector meaning many thousands of jobs will be lost.

These changes are part of a continued erosion of public sector terms and conditions and will make it harder for the public sector to reorganise their workforce, will lead to lower morale, poorer industrial relations and potentially higher costs.

That’s why Unite is saying – No cuts to Public Sector Exit Payments

What is being proposed?
• Setting the maximum tariff for calculating exit payments at three weeks’ pay per year of service
• Capping the maximum number of months’ salary that can be used when calculating redundancy payments to 15 months
• Setting a maximum salary for the calculation of exit payments
• Enabling the amount of lump sum compensation an individual is entitled to receive to be tapered as they get close to the normal pension age
• Reducing the cost of employer-funded pension top up payments.

What this could mean to you?
NHS and local authority workers and civil servants could lose between 30-45 per cent of redundancy payments not including further cuts to early retirement pensions.
Together we can fight this Unite have met government ministers and made clear our concerns on your behalf.

Given the significant impact these proposals will have we urge all Unite members to:
1. Contact your MP and ask them to oppose these changes
2. Tell your colleagues what is happening
3. Encourage non-members to join Unite

For more information keep visiting the campaign page on our website -

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