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FEBRUARY 14, 2020

Knife crime: Stop and search not the answer, says youth committee

IN: Sector News, Young People, Youth Workers, politics

The Youth Select Committee concludes that the knife crime epidemic is fueled by cuts to vital services.  The report highlights concern with the Government’s increasingly punitive approach to tackling knife crime stating that serious youth violence such as knife crime is a symptom of various underlying ... Read more

NOVEMBER 21, 2019

The Time for Change is now - Register to Vote!

IN: politics

Up to nine and a half million eligible voters in our country are not registered to vote, including almost one-third of young people. There will be a coordinated National Voter Registration Day taking place tomorrow (Friday 22nd November), which involves a ... Read more

OCTOBER 24, 2019

Shadow minister criticises DCMS for withholding data on NCS Trust spending

IN: Sector News, Young People, Youth Workers, politics

Vicky Foxcroft, Labour shadow minister for civil society, has criticised the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport after it declined to reveal details of any underspend by the NCS Trust.  The NCS Trust is the royal charter body that was ... Read more

AUGUST 14, 2019

Government’s latest knife crime initiative “wrong.”

IN: Sector News, Young People, Youth Workers, politics

The campaign to brand chicken shop take away boxes with #knifefree has been launched by the Home Office in response to the rising levels of knife crime. The boxes will replace packaging in chains such as Morley’s, Chicken Cottage and Dixy Chicken ... Read more

APRIL 12, 2019

A strong case for votes at 16

IN: Labour Movement, Sector News, Young People, Youth Workers, politics

Over 1.5 million young people aged 16 and 17 years are currently denied the vote in the UK. The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Votes at 16, founded in April 2018 following years of lobbying for a lower voting age ... Read more

MARCH 26, 2019

Nowhere to Turn

IN: Economics, Equalities, Legal Aid and Advice, Resources, Young People, politics

Research from the Children's Society reveals that thousands of families in financial crisis are missing out on vital emergency support with parents being left at risk of debt and struggling to afford basics like feeding and clothing their children and heating ... Read more

MARCH 18, 2019

Council Cuts Have Hit The Poorest

IN: Equalities, Fighting Back, Sector News, politics

Despite talk of ‘deal dividends’ and ‘Brexit bribes’, there seems to be no end in sight for local government when it comes to austerity. As the Local Government Association (LGA) recently highlighted  “councils were at the front of the queue ... Read more

MARCH 08, 2019

Women relying on council services face a triple whammy from central Government cuts to local government funding

IN: Equalities, Fighting Back, Labour Movement, Sector News, politics

A new report entitled ‘Triple Whammy’ has been published by the Women's Budget Group, setting out clear findings that show how women are the hardest hit by government cuts made in the name of austerity. Cuts to central government funding to local authorities have and are affecting ... Read more

DECEMBER 06, 2018

Cuts have left young people feeling abandoned

IN: Campaigning, Sector News, Young People, Youth Workers, politics

There is no argument that can deny that the consequence of Tory austerity on young people has been devastating. As the Labour Party’s consultation into what a statutory youth service might look like ends, Cat Smith MP tells us how Labour ... Read more

DECEMBER 04, 2018

Labour vows to restore legal aid

IN: Equalities, Legal Aid and Advice, politics

Justice is the forgotten pillar of the welfare state and cuts to legal aid have left people unable to defend their most basic rights. Access to health and education are rightly recognised as the right of every citizen. Access to ... Read more

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