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FEBRUARY 04, 2020

Second time lucky as St Mungo’s staff vote to strike

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

Unite has balloted over 500 members at the homelessness charity for a second time in less than six months in a dispute over the tearing up of the junior staffing cap agreement, which risks reinstatement of ‘race to the bottom’ terms ... Read more

JANUARY 28, 2020

Appeal to St Mungo’s board to ‘help rebuild trust’ ahead of strike ballot result

IN: Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

Unite has appealed to the St Mungo's board of trustees to ‘help rebuild trust’ by persuading senior management to reconsider its position and join last-ditch talks, ahead of the strike ballot result, which is due next Monday (3 February).   Unite is ... Read more

JANUARY 21, 2020

Staff at St Mungos urged to vote YES to defend jobs, skills and quality services

IN: Campaigning, Care and Support, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

Unite believes that its members deserve to be treated fairly and with respect and are urging members to vote for strike action as it reballots workers at St Mungos.  The decision to reballot members has been taken as St Mungos push ahead with changes ... Read more

JANUARY 06, 2020

Email blunder at St Mungo’s exposes shameful anti trade union tactics

IN: Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News, Unite, social care

Unite has called on Howard Sinclair, CEO of homelessness charity St Mungo’s, to step down immediately after a misdirected email revealed that the charity had been working with a top London PR agency on a strategy to stop people joining ... Read more

DECEMBER 03, 2019

Peabody's CEO leaves staff and residents unimpressed

IN: Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News, social care

Businesses "driven by money concerns" Last week’s column by Peabody Chief Executive, Brenden Sarsfield (Inside Housing 29/11/2019) makes the call for change many in the social housing sector would want.  But staff and residents are not impressed. Mr Sarsfield writes, “Some say we ... Read more

NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Peabody surplus up – but pressing ahead with brutal cuts

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Pay

Despite announcing a £14 million rise in it’s surplus in the last six months taking it to £67 million, Peabody Housing are handing down brutal cuts to vital tenant services and impossible workloads are being forced on neighbourhood managers. With no pay rise ... Read more

NOVEMBER 06, 2019

£1 million cuts plan: Peabody workers announce strike ballot

IN: Campaigning, Equalities, Housing, Sector News

  Peabody housing plan £1 million cuts to housing management budgets by March 2020 with potentially devastating consequences to residents and workers. Unite members have voted overwhelmingly to start a formal strike ballot. In the spring management launched a brutal restructure and ... Read more

NOVEMBER 05, 2019

Apology from St Mungo’s after sharing rough sleeper information

IN: Campaigning, Equalities, Housing

St Mungo’s Chief Executive Howard Sinclair has apologised for sharing information about migrant rough sleepers with the Home Office saying, “The executive team takes full responsibility for this and is sorry it happened.”   Despite St Mungo’s management being repeatedly warned by ... Read more

OCTOBER 24, 2019

ONS show highest year-on-year increase in homeless deaths

IN: Cuts, Equalities, Homelessness, Housing

In 2018, there were an estimated 726 deaths of homeless people in England and Wales, 129 (22%) more deaths than in 2017 when there were 597 estimated deaths. The increase is statistically significant and represents the largest year-to-year increase in ... Read more

OCTOBER 23, 2019

Greenwich housing repair workers to strike

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

About 120 housing repair workers at Greenwich council are set to strike for five days over plans to introduce a new pay structure which will see cuts in pay. Unite said its members voted by 95 per cent for strike action ... Read more

OCTOBER 16, 2019

Employment Tribunal finds that St Mungos victimised female worker

IN: Campaigning, Equalities, Housing, Sector News

  A recent judgement from by an Employment Tribunal found that St Mungos had victimised a staff member following her submission of an equal pay questionnaire.   The HR director, Helen Giles, had told the staff member that she would never work in the ... Read more

OCTOBER 02, 2019

Greenwich council housing repair workers vote to strike

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Pay

About 120 housing repair workers at Greenwich council have overwhelmingly voted to strike as they are disgusted over the way they are being treated, Unite, Britain and Ireland’s largest union, said today. Unite said its members had voted by 95 per ... Read more

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

Unite at the TUC - Lessons from Grenfell going unheeded

IN: Health and Safety, Housing, Labour Movement, Sector News

Unite delegate and brother of a fire fighter James Mitchell spoke in support of the FBU motion to TUC , Grenfell Tower - Never Again highlighting the union’s calls for an immediate ban on the use of combustible materials on high rise blocks.   In a poignant ... Read more

AUGUST 05, 2019

St Mungo’s balloted amidst victimisation row

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

Unite is urging Robert Napier, the chair of the board of the homeless charity St Mungo’s, to carry out an immediate investigation into an allegation of victimisation of a lead Unite representative. The call comes in response to emails, obtained under ... Read more

JULY 30, 2019

Unite in St Mungo's

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Homelessness, Housing

Talks aimed at resolving a long running dispute between Unite and St Mungo's mediated by Acas have collapsed.  It is deeply disappointing that St Mungo's senior management are determined to plough ahead with changes that threaten the very integrity of our ... Read more

MAY 30, 2019

‘Crisis in Care’

IN: Housing, Sector News, social care

The first episode of a profoundly bleak but necessary two-part Panorama, Crisis in Care (BBC One), highlighted how the adult social care system is on the brink and in dire need of reform after years of austerity. This hard hitting documentary put a human face ... Read more

MAY 28, 2019

Tackling serious violence needs real investment in preventative services!

IN: Cuts, Homelessness, Housing, Sector News, Young People, Youth Workers, social care

Unite has submitted its response to the Home Office's draft plans for a new legal duty to support a multi-agency approach to preventing and tackling serious violence. Whilst Unite is supportive in principle with taking a public health approach to tackling serious ... Read more

APRIL 08, 2019

Enough is enough!

IN: Economics, Fighting Back, Housing, Pay

After successive years of under inflationary pay rises, Unite the Union says Peabody must now pay all of its hard working staff a fair pay increase in this year’s negotiations and that only a 5% pay rise across the board ... Read more

MARCH 27, 2019

Housing Association's Horrors Exposed

IN: Campaigning, Equalities, Housing, Sector News

Many people viewed with horror the Channel 4 Dispatches programme on Monday night, with its images of mouldy walls, rotten windows, damp rooms, flooded light fittings, rotting floors and general disrepair. The programme, entitled ‘New Landlords from Hell’, alleged that ... Read more

FEBRUARY 19, 2019

Protesting the social housing sell-off

IN: Campaigning, Housing

Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC) supporters joined housing campaigners this week to protest against the sale of social housing by Savilles. The protest was over the sale of badly needed social-rent homes by housing associations such as Peabody to private landlords, ... Read more

JANUARY 21, 2019

Housing Workers prepare for action!

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Pay

Back in 2014, staff at St Mungos who were Unite members, took industrial action and went on strike in defence of pay and decent services for clients and won! The agreement that has been place in for the last five years and that has ... Read more

JANUARY 09, 2019

Housing Sector Pay and Pensions Conference

IN: Campaigning, Housing

Following our autumn 2018 Housing Sector Pay Conference where Unite members from across Housing Associations came together to develop a joint template pay claim to use in pay campaigning our Housing Sector union reps are holding the next conference on ... Read more

DECEMBER 10, 2018

Strikes off as Shelter workers secure new pay deal!

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Sector News

Huge congratulations to housing sector members employed by housing charity Shelter, who are celebrating victory after agreeing a vastly improved pay offer. The decision to accept the new deal means that the scheduled strike due to begin tomorrow (11 December) ... Read more

DECEMBER 05, 2018

Housing workers get ready to strike following ‘derisory’ pay offer

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Pay, Sector News

Over 400 members of Unite employed by the housing and homeless charity Shelter, will take three days of strike action beginning on Tuesday 11 December in a dispute over pay. The 72 hour strike follows a ‘derisory’ pay offer of a ... Read more

NOVEMBER 28, 2018

Management at Peter Bedford realise the error of their ways!

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Pay, Sector News

Hackney housing strike off as Unite celebrates victory in pay dispute Planned strike action at Peter Bedford Housing Association, in Hackney, involving members of Unite has been called off after management agreed to honour the pay deal they had previously failed ... Read more

OCTOBER 22, 2018

Housing Workers Conference - It's time to win our fair share!

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Pay

The strength of the housing sector lies in the commitment, belief and motivation of its workforce. As housing workers, we work in our job because we care. We support our organisation’s aims of social housing and support for the vulnerable, above ... Read more

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

Theresa May: no solution to housing crisis

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Sector News

Housing association chiefs gave Theresa May a standing ovation for her speech to the National Housing Federation on Wednesday.  There can’t be many audiences in the UK where she could expect that.  Not many tenants feel they have anything to stand ... Read more

SEPTEMBER 06, 2018


IN: Campaigning, Housing, Sector News

While Chief Executives receive year on year inflation busting average pay increases housing sector staff are expected to work harder for less pay and reduced pension provision. Despite the gross value of housing association properties now approaching £1.5 billion and the sector ... Read more

AUGUST 17, 2018

Housing Green Paper 'pitiful'

IN: Campaigning, Housing

No new money Faced with public outrage following the deaths at Grenfell tower, a deep housing crisis with unaffordable homes and rising numbers sleeping rough the government promised a “fundamental rethink of social housing in this country”.  But neither Tuesdays Green Paper on ... Read more

APRIL 26, 2018

Housing workers prepare for strike action

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Sector News

Unite members employed at Helena Partnerships Limited, Golden Gates Housing Trust and Torus 62 Limited, who undertake housing maintenance on social housing in Warrington and St Helens, are preparing to ballot for industrial action after their parent company (Torus Group) ... Read more

MARCH 27, 2018

Social cleansing of city centres

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Sector News

Members of the Unite LE Housing Branch 1111 stood alongside tenants yesterday opposed to ‘the social cleansing of city centres’ by the same housing associations that are derecognising unions and cutting staff and who are also alienating residents and anyone ... Read more

MARCH 16, 2018

Rough sleeping uncovered?

IN: Housing, Sector News

In a TV programme screened last night, Conservative MP Adam Holloway spent a week sleeping rough in London.  His written report on The Daily Telegraph website gives some insights into what it is like sleeping rough but avoids the causes ... Read more

JANUARY 22, 2018

4.5% pay boost at Peter Bedford Housing Association

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Pay, Sector News

Unite members at the small north east London supported housing organisation Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) have agreed a pay deal which conjoins them to the nationally agreed local government scales. The result of this is that in future, members ... Read more

DECEMBER 21, 2017

Homelessness is a crisis!

IN: Campaigning, Cuts, Equalities, Housing, Legal Aid and Advice

This week, newspapers reported a homeless man's dead body being found outside a restaurant in central Birmingham in freezing temperatures after passers-by thought he was asleep. The 38-year-old homeless man was called Paul Williams and this was not the first ... Read more

SEPTEMBER 14, 2017

The housing crisis - keenly debated at TUC Congress

IN: Housing, Sector News

Protecting workers' jobs and rights in Brexit Britain and an economy built on decent jobs with an active industrial strategy at its heart were among the key issues for Britain's largest union, Unite, at this year's TUC Congress in Brighton. With ... Read more

JUNE 28, 2017

Grenfell Towers - Unite appeal

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Legal Aid and Advice, Sector News

The full horror of the fire at the Grenfell Tower is yet to unfold but we do know that there has been many fatalities, serious injuries and hundreds of people have been left destitute and in despair. There are very many ... Read more

MAY 18, 2017

Thirteen Group concede and agreement is reached

IN: Campaigning, Housing, Pay, Sector News

In the period leading up to Christmas 2015 Vela and Fabrick Housing groups were in the process of merging to become Thirteen Group and negotiations were taking place regarding group wide terms and conditions plus an annual pay rise. Included ... Read more

MAY 10, 2017

Low paid workers offered counselling

IN: Health and Safety, Housing, Pay

Mental health issues affect around two thirds of the population, with many suffering in silence. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year's theme is ‘surviving to thriving'. This gives us the chance to highlight how issues around ... Read more

MARCH 10, 2017

Housing workers welcome Clarion climb down on sick pay

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

Clarion had proposed to deny full sick pay for the first three days of any illness under new contracts at the giant housing group. Housing workers were celebrating today after it was learnt that Clarion had backtracked over its decision to ... Read more

MARCH 09, 2017

Rough sleeper immigration raids and homelessness charities

IN: Housing, Sector News, Stories, Terms and Conditions

Homelessness agencies accused of being complicit in coercive deportations This blog was written by Paul Kershaw, Chair of the Unite Housing Branch LE1111 and was first published on the branch website on 8/3/17. Homelessness agencies including St Mungos are identified as complicit ... Read more

MARCH 07, 2017

4% for all Unite housing workers - pay up 2017

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

Unite's housing workers demand a minimum 4% pay rise for 2017 Unite Housing Workers demand a minimum 4% pay rise in 2017 and this is why! The cost of living is rising! Inflation is expected to be over 3% from April 2017 Housing ... Read more

JANUARY 20, 2017

Youth Workers Breakthrough on Work Life Balance and Flexible Working

IN: Health and Safety, Housing, Sector News, Terms and Conditions, Young People

Youth and Community workers have reached a significant agreement with Local Government employers group the LGA (Local Government Association) on flexible working and work life balance arrangements which could affect thousands of people working with Children and Young people in ... Read more

DECEMBER 15, 2016

Housing Workers fightback against a continued attack to working rights and conditions

IN: Campaigning, Cuts, Housing, Terms and Conditions

Wishaw housing dispute - Strike fund launched and board member resigns following criticism of the handling by Chief Executive of the long running dispute. Eddie Mullen, the former vice-chair of Wishaw & District Housing Association has resigned, criticising the way its ... Read more

DECEMBER 13, 2016

Clarion threatens to withdraw from union recognition

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

New housing association Clarion, created through a merger of Affinity Sutton and Circle Housing, has angered union members by threatening to withdraw union recognition from a section of our members. Unite members took part in a lobby of Clarion’s launch event, ... Read more

NOVEMBER 24, 2016

Please support the call to stop the salary slashing of supported living workers

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Pay, Sector News

Supported Living (SSL) Workers at Sanctuary staff have received letters from their employer threatening a possible dismissal and re-engagement if they do not agree to huge pay cuts, even though the project makes an annual surplus. The SSL project contributes ... Read more

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

We are all Daniel Blake!

IN: Economics, Equalities, Fighting Back, Homelessness, Housing, Pay

Exactly half a century after the iconic television play Cathy Come Home sparked a national conversation about homelessness, another Ken Loach production will be released in cinemas nationally on October 21, is getting people talking – this time about our ... Read more

MAY 13, 2016

Pay up for HCA!

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

Unite members working at the HCA will be on strike on Thursday 19th May! Unite members at the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) are taking industrial action after rejecting a pay offer from the agency this week. In February, the HCA offered to ... Read more

APRIL 21, 2016

Industrial Action at Catalyst Housing

IN: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Housing, Sector News

Plan to halve the number of neighbourhood managers Catalyst Housing plan to halve the number of Neighbourhood Managers it employs.  Unite members at Catalyst say this will result in a drastic decline in service.  Staff say that the workload of neighbourhood ... Read more

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