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Members in Oxfordshire County Council vote for strike action!

JANUARY 21, 2020

Unite members are taking strike action with a 83% mandate from the membership of the South East 6272 Community Youth Workers and Not for Profit Branch. Action will take place for 24 hours from midnight 15th February to midnight 16th February against Oxfordshire County Council.

The strike action is in response to the council’s plans to shut all of its 44 children centres and seven early intervention (EIS) hubs, including in the prime minister’s Witney constituency. The plan will put 420 highly skilled jobs are at risk and the ballot will close on 5 February.Vital support services for children, young people and their parents, from stay and play sessions to open access youth sessions, are at risk of vanishing altogether after the council announced plans to slash £8 million from the children’s services, as part of a further £50 million cut to frontline services. The council had already announced cuts of £292 million from 2010-2018.

Unite has accused David Cameron of gross hypocrisy as the full horror of his government’s policies leave local authorities, including his own, struggling to maintain even basic services in the face of a 40 per cent budget cut since 2010.

David Cameron’s hypocrisy is mindboggling. He gets himself embroiled in a row with the Conservative leader of the council after writing to complain about the impact of the ‘counter-productive’ cuts to frontline services in his own constituency. Completely oblivious to the fact that they are a direct result of his government’s own policies. He then announces plans for state-backed parenting classes to teach parents how to raise their children properly, when the children’s centres that provide this kind of support are facing the axe in his own constituency.

Oxfordshire Counct Council will meet on 16 February 2016 to vote on the budget proposals and Unite is urging councillors to find an alternative solution to these damaging cuts and to vote against the proposals. The future of Oxfordshire’s children’s early intervention service is in their hands.

All members and supporters are welcome to come and attend the picket line and lobby outside Oxfordshire County Council at County Hall Oxford from 8:00am on Tuesday 16th February. Please bring your banners and support members in their fight to stop the destruction of services for children and young people.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tom at [email protected]

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