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Review launched into statutory guidance for Local Authorities on providing youth services

JANUARY 21, 2020

New deal for all young people 

On July 25th, Lloyd Russell Moyle MP and others will lead a three hour debate in Parliament on the findings of the report and wider issues.

Anyone passionate about youth work and youth services is invited to join us in Parliament on the day to hear the debate broadcast live and meet with MPs to show your support for the Youth Service and Youth Work and generally help make our presence felt and meet with other like-minded people from throughout the country.

The notice and timing of this event is not under our control, we know it is short notice, but given its importance hope that youth workers will bring young people and arrange to meet MPs from their area.

Please share amongst your networks and please make sure that you register all those attending on the Eventbrite page

Government Review of statutory duty

Yesterday saw Mims Davies, Minister for Civil Society, has launched the long awaited review of the guidance for local authorities which sets out how they should secure activities and services for young people.

This represents a commitment expressed in the DCMS Civic Society Strategy from last year and a recommendation from the APPG Youth Affairs Report into the sufficiency of youth work.

The National Youth Agency and the LGA will be working closely with the Department on this review, calling together the National Advisory Board to consult on recommendations and including a wider consultation through its national roadshow events which start tomorrow in the East Midlands and continuing throughout July, September and early October. The roadshows will provide opportunities for local agencies to engage in this discussion. Full details of the venues, dates and booking for these events is available on the NYA website via this link.




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