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Manifesto for culture change in the international development sector

JANUARY 21, 2020

Recent press interest has once again revealed the failings of the leadership of international development organisations to address sexual exploitation and abuse issues that we, as workers, have been highlighting for many years. This has brought a renewed commitment to ‘culture change’.  

The Manifesto for ‘culture change’ in the international development sector highlights how funding streams for international development charities profoundly influence the organisational structures and determine the culture in the sector. There is increased competition for funding, short term funding streams and requirements on value for money. This has led to low pay and precarious work across the sector where risk is transferred from government donors to individual workers via organisations in both the private and the non-profit sector all across the globe.  This situation has worsened and is getting worse. Donors and regulators need to step up to their responsibility for the workers, partners, volunteers and beneficiaries in their supply chain.

Unite members who work in the international development sector believe that current leaders must listen and be fully accountable to its workforce and beneficiaries, that business as normal is not in the best interests of beneficiaries and that there must be greater transparency and accountability in the sector.

The Manifesto calls for radical change and sets out a ten point plan essential to create a culture where unacceptable behaviour is not tolerated, where people can report abuse or whistle-blow, and people will be held accountable for their actions and decision.


The manifesto can be downloaded in full here.

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