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It's Youth Work Week 18 and Youth Work Works!

JANUARY 21, 2020

Happy Youth Work Week.

A key part of the National Youth Agency’s (NYA) celebrations this year is asking the sector to create and share short videos celebrating and emphasising the amazing impact youth work can have in the wide variety of settings it takes place in. CYPW Unite has produced this fantastic video to raise the profile of youth work and spread the word that youth work really does work!

Youth Work Week is an opportunity for us all to celebrate the achievements and impact of youth work across the country, and across a diverse range of settings.

Over the last decade governments have failed to recognise the huge benefits to society and the lives of young people that youth work can make.

Instead, they have dismantled the whole infrastructure of youth services to a point where services have almost disappeared from many communities in many areas of the UK.

Austerity driven cuts to youth services have had a huge impact on the lives of young people and the damage to the youth work profession has been immense.

Please support youth work, support youth services. By supporting both you are supporting young people.

Youth services can and often do change lives.

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