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Industrial Action at Catalyst Housing

JANUARY 21, 2020

Plan to halve the number of neighbourhood managers

Catalyst Housing plan to halve the number of Neighbourhood Managers it employs.  Unite members at Catalyst say this will result in a drastic decline in service.  Staff say that the workload of neighbourhood managers is already unmanageable; doubling the workload would be disastrous. 

The management refuse to recognise Unite the union, making normal negotiations impossible, but staff have voted to take industrial action; a work to rule will start on Wednesday April 20th.

Adam Lambert, Unite officer commented: “This industrial action will physically demonstrate that the objectives given to the NMS on their current patches cannot be completed within their contracted 35 hours, and also that the situation will be considerably worse under the new NSM job when the patches are doubled” and “In addition it is our position that the extent of the cuts are not financially justifiable.” See more at the Housing Branch Website. 

The Guardian have also published an article which can be read here - Half the staff, but double the work: why housing workers are taking industrial action


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