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4.5% pay boost at Peter Bedford Housing Association

JANUARY 21, 2020

Unite members at the small north east London supported housing organisation Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) have agreed a pay deal which conjoins them to the nationally agreed local government scales. The result of this is that in future, members will receive the same increases that local government workers negotiate through the National Joint Council (NJC).  This is a common practice within social housing, particularly where a significant proportion of the organisations income is grant funding, this is beneficial to members because it gives some assurances as to future pay increases. This year the unions lodged a 5% claim and at the time of writing Unite have recommended rejection  of the most recent offer from the employers.

Performance related pay rejected

Management had made proposals to introduce performance related pay; however this was rejected by the Union. The issue went to ACAs and PBHA relented but due to range of issues, including a flood which closed PBHA offices at Kingsland Hub in the autumn of 2016, the issue was then parked.

During this time, PBHA staff had gone without pay rises or incremental rises for seven years due to a serious financial situation. Although the crisis was in this case a real one, asking staff to forego pay rises for seven straight years is clearly unacceptable by every normal measure.

4.5% pay boost

The union's position was that alongside alignment with NJC there should also be a pay settlement for that year that gave a reasonable boost to people’s pay. In the end, a pay boost was secured of around 4.5% in total – increasing the earning potential of around 60% of staff.

The key point, however, remains the fact that PBHA is now on the NJC system and this will be written into the pay policy. Come the new financial year, there is now an expectation that staff will receive both the agreed cost of living rise negotiated nationally by NJC parties, and we will be working to ensure that this is implemented by PBHA senior management.

This blog was reproduced from Unite Housing Workers Branch

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