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Housing workers welcome Clarion climb down on sick pay

JANUARY 21, 2020

Clarion had proposed to deny full sick pay for the first three days of any illness under new contracts at the giant housing group.

Housing workers were celebrating today after it was learnt that Clarion had backtracked over its decision to withold sick pay for the first three days of absence. Stung by accusations that the newly created Clarion Housing Group was becoming the Sports Direct of housing associations they have this morning told staff that:  “...staff who are eligible to receive occupational sick pay will do so from the first day of their absence.” 

Housing workers and Unite members had raised strong objections to the proposals, which would have been a serious step backwards for working conditions in the sector.

Unite has for the past weeks seen membership growing amongst workers employed by Clarion and believe that a strong collective voice as part of a strong 'fighting back' union will be vital to ensure that all staff are afforded the terms and conditions of employment that they deserve as the organisation restructures and there are numerous issues facing staff in which a strong independent trade union will have an important role to play. 

As commercial pressures increase it is important that Clarion recognises that this is a sector with big and increasing surpluses, and a workforce who’s pay and conditions have been squeezed in recent years.  

Workers in the sector are not prepared to be forced to a race ot the bottom and Unite will support them to have their voices heard.

Unite is calling for a 4% pay increase for staff in the housing sector and will continue to represent workers despite Clarion's proposal to end formal recognition of Unite in the restructuring plans.

For more information about Unite Housing Workers please visit the London Housing Branch website here.

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