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Government fail to act on gender pay gap

JANUARY 21, 2020

MPs on a select committee have attacked the government for failing to implement reforms aimed at eliminating the gender pay gap.

The Women and Equalities Committee have said the government have failed to act on its recommendations on tackling the structural causes of wage inequality.The committee of MPs published a report in March 2016, proposing a series of structural reforms to tackle the pay gap. Based on extensive consultation with stakeholders in business, academia and trade unions, its recommendations particularly focused on equalising care responsibilities, encouraging flexible work and supporting women over 40 back into work.

However, the government response, published today, dismisses most of these 17 recommendations. It maintains that existing schemes around pay gap reporting and shared parental leave are adequate, despite evidence that those measures won’t drive sufficient behavioural change.

Responding to the committee’s comments, Frances O’Grady – general secretary of trade union umbrella body the TUC, said: “The government needs to up its game and tackle the root causes of the gender pay gap – not ignore them.

“This means removing the barriers that stop women getting better-paid jobs, and helping parents to share out caring responsibilities more equally. Ministers need to stop dragging their heels and challenge workplace discrimination full on.”

Siobhan Endean, National Officer for the Community and Not for Profit Sector said "Unite is at the forefront of the trade union campaign to achieve equal pay. It is vital that equal pay is at the centre of collective bargaining. Unite reps have a key role in ensuring that progress is made towards closing the gender pay gap. Am action pack on equal pay has been produced which sets out the union’s policy and action points for all workplace reps and for reps who are responsible for negotiating pay. The action pack has been designed to help reps negotiate with employers on equal pay. We believe that by working together we can make a difference, close the gender pay gap and ensure that workers do not continue to suffer pay discrimination."

Help end the #GenderPayGap

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