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‘Crisis in Care’

JANUARY 21, 2020

The first episode of a profoundly bleak but necessary two-part Panorama, Crisis in Care (BBC One), highlighted how the adult social care system is on the brink and in dire need of reform after years of austerity.

This hard hitting documentary put a human face on the price of austerity, underlining the simple impossibility of cutting taxes, slashing funding and adequately supporting essential public services. The government has promised to publish its plans for the care system “at the earliest opportunity” but, with attention elsewhere, this opportunity may come too late for some.

Reacting to BBC Panorama's programme broadcast last night (Wednesday, 29 May) Gail Cartmail, Unite's assistant general secretary for the public sector said: "The government has been warned time and again that its ceaseless cuts to local authority funding have very real and painful consequences for people. Now that it has been laid bare to them, it cannot ignore the social care crisis a moment longer.

"Every single MP who has voted through the Conservative's austerity agenda must now hang their head in shame at the realisation that their actions have caused and continue to cause desperate human pain. 

“That not one of the candidates for Conservative leadership has yet put forward any programme for how the most vulnerable in our society is cared for is also a shameful failure to understand how tattered our public services have become under their party's stewardship.

"This has to end. The UK is the fifth biggest economy on the planet.  We can and should find the money to treat our vulnerable with dignity and fairly reward those who care for them too.”

You can watch part 1 of Crisis in Care here.

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