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4% for all Unite housing workers - pay up 2017

JANUARY 29, 2020

Unite's housing workers demand a minimum 4% pay rise for 2017

Unite Housing Workers demand a minimum 4% pay rise in 2017 and this is why!

  1. The cost of living is rising! Inflation is expected to be over 3% from April 2017
  2. Housing workers have suffered years of real terms pay and pension cuts and salaries have not kept pace with inflation.
  3. Workers are working harder for longer and the pay they receive no longer reflects how hard and how complex the work has become.
  4. The sector's wealth and the salaries of executives have outstripped inflation! Housing workers have contributed to the wealth and deserve a proper pay rise.

Unite has launched the new 4% For ALL pay campaign and more information and campaign resources are available here.


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