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Unite supports calls to Scrap the Frameworks!

When NUBSLI first set up their #ScrapTheFramework campaign, raising issues around sustainability and the use of framework agreements, some felt that they were scaremongering.

But a recently leaked insolvency document by Pearl Linguistics, the company that went into liquidation several weeks ago, leaving the BSL community without access to many public services, including NHS healthcare, vindicates NUBSLI’s fears and highlights the fact that these frameworks are simply unworkable.The document clearly exposes the race to the bottom being forced through by government and the lack of consideration shown for both service users and workers.

There are currently three main national frameworks that the campaign is aware, Crown Commercial services, Ministry of Justice and the NHS Shared Business Services. Our campaign calls for them to be scrapped with immediate effect.

  • They are not  robust or fit for purpose
  • safeguarding is not guaranteed
  • standards of access will fall
  • there is no choice or control for users
  • will be damaging to SMEs (small and medium sized businesses), creating a monopoly
  • They do not allow for equality of access if under-qualified personnel are used
  • organisations advising the government are potential suppliers and have commercial interests
  • They are not cost effective and will not save taxpayers money

Contracts taken under Crown Commercial Services (CCS), NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) frameworks do not offer value for money and are often leaving Deaf people without interpreters as bookings go unfulfilled. Pearl Linguistics going into liquidation highlights the problems with privatisation and demonstrates that local provision and booking interpreters directly are the best way forward.

What you can do?

  • Write to your MP about the Framework Agreements

Find out who your MP is at Write to them and contact them directly to express your concerns.

  • Join NUBSLI

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  • Watch or read our FAQs on the new framework agreement

View the FAQs 

Thank you!

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