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“Together We Are Stronger!” Unite and PCS members at the EHRC send a strong message

Following strike action last week Unite is concerned that our national human rights institution is restricting the trade union rights of its own staff. The strike was over staff and budget cuts that threaten to effectively shut down much of the work of the Equality and Human Rights Commission - but now the chief executive has announced he will be restricting future contact with union representatives to the statutory minimum.

So in response to the message from the chief executive, Union members held peaceful protests outside each of the EHRC's five main sites to show they oppose any attempt to undermine the colleagues they have elected to represent them and demonstrate their support for their trade unions.

Members believe that instead of threatening union reps, the senior managers and commissioners should be talking to them about the genuine concerns for the future of the Commission and its vital work in preventing and protecting people from discrimination and hatred.  Union reps should be consulted about the future of the EHRC as they want to play a constructive role in shaping  the organisation.

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