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Professional Interpreters for Justice launch manifesto

Professional Interpreters for Justice (PI4J) is an umbrella group representing over 2,000 interpreters from the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI) and 300 British Sign Language interpreters.

Our aim is to work with government to ensure the quality of interpreting available to the Justice System.

Reliable communication provided by qualified professional interpreters and translators is an essential resource which ensures that justice and human rights are upheld for non-English Speakers and deaf people.

This is put at risk if standards are dropped and quality is sacrificed for profit.

Current government policy is to reduce costs by outsourcing services.

PI4J: What are we asking for?

1. The use of qualified interpreters

2. Full consultation with the interpreting profession

3. Sustainable terms and conditions to be offered to interpreters

4. Independent auditing of quality and performance

5. Independent regulators: Regulation and the maintenance of registers should not be in the hands of private providers

6. Minimum levels of interpreter qualification

7. Statutory protection of title

Click here for link to full PI4J manifesto

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