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Choose Youth - young people’s services change lives

Choose Youth say - The youth service has received such a hammering that it will be the first public sector to go if we don't act now.

Young people are paying a heavy price in this government’s austerity drive; the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is out, university tuition fees are up, youth unemployment is rocketing and the Future Jobs Fund has been axed.

Across the country, young people’s services have received such a hammering in council cost cutting exercises that it will be the first public service to go if we don’t act now.

Choose Youth, an unprecedented alliance of over 30 national youth sector organisations and trade unions defending the profession and its workers, joined forces earlier this year to save universal, open access youth service provision for future generations.

Choose Youth got off to a bang with a massively successful rally in Solihull in February. Over 1,000 young people from across the country attended, taking part in banner making and protest song writing workshops as well as a Q&A session with MPs where young people shared their stories.

The fight is ongoing – young people have been at the forefront of the campaign to save their youth clubs from closing. Today, Oxfordshire County Council announced that Wantage and Eynsham youth centres will now not shut. A small victory for all those who fought so hard.

Choose Youth is keeping the pressure on our MPs and council leaders. Young people both deserve and need a youth service. A number of future events are planned, including a London rally in July. And the Choose Youth manifesto will be launched soon.

Please visit the Choose Youth website: and facebook page: for details of upcoming events.

All over the UK community services supporting young people are in crisis as councils, hit by the government's squeeze on their budgets, cuts funding to youth projects and and centres. Caught in the middle are thousands of young people who deserve better. Please help spread the message.

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