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Revealed: how stress takes it’s toll on workers in the sector

In: Health and Safety, Resources, Sector News

The Guardian is featuring a new survey on the impact of stress on workers and this is something that should be of significant interest for many working across the Community, Youth Work and Not for Profit Sector. The Clockoff survey finds "Long hours, a lack of breaks and a fraught working day are all too common for workers in the public and voluntary sectors." Read More »

Charities told to keep quiet or lose government contracts

In: Campaigning, Sector News

New research reveals that charities and other voluntary groups are often absent from campaigns to tackle the root causes of poverty. A report released today shows that voluntary groups, especially those under contract to government, face threats to remain silent about their experiences and many are fearful to speak out in case they lose their funding or face other sanctions.  Read More »

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