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Blog — Playwork

Playday - an opportunity to campaign on issues affecting children’s play

In: Campaigning, Children, Playwork, Sector News, Youth Workers

August 2nd is Playday and is the biggest play sector event in the UK, and possibly Europe! As well as a celebration of children’s right to play, Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children’s lives. Playday is coordinated by Play England, in partnership with Play Wales, Play Scotland and PlayBoard Northern Ireland.  Read More »

Play is a serious business!

In: Campaigning, Children, Playwork, Fighting Back

The National Playwork Conference in Eastbourne on March the 4th & 5th was a collection of talks, workshops and networking focused around one major issue - children’s right to play in a world increasingly filled with educational outcomes, fear of strangers, and the commodification of childhood. Read More »

Play in Peril

In: Campaigning, Children, Playwork, Cuts

Play workers, parents and children concerned about cuts to play services are being encouraged to share information online about services under threat on the Play in Peril website which has been created by a group of playworkers and trainers in an attempt to build a national picture of how shrinking local authority budgets are affecting play services in England. Read More »