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Decent Work For All

In: Campaigning, Fighting Back, Pay

Decent work is a human right. The work that people do and the wage they are paid determines so much of people’s lives. But many feel they have little say or power over this important area of their lives.  Read More »

All in this together?

In: Campaigning, Pay

During the last five years of Tory led austerity, members working in the not for profit sector have had to campaign hard for even the smallest of pay rises after many years of stagnant wages. Not for Profit organisations have argued that wage increases have been made difficult during these years especially with many facing reductions in funding... And we are all in this together aren’t we? Read More »

Members under attack in Bromley!

In: Campaigning, Fighting Back

Unite members have been taking action over the ‘mass privatisation’ of services and are facing the very worst attacks from the Tories which include the outsourcing of services, changes to terms and conditions and withdrawal of facility time. Read More »

Uniting Botton Village

In: Campaigning, Fighting Back

Some 70 co-workers and learning disabled residents at an intentional community, Botton Village in North Yorkshire, have formed a community branch of Unite and are campaigning to raise the profile of their struggle against charity Camphill Village Trust (CVT) and for the right to keep doing meaningful work and have a family life.  Read More »

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